SONATA FINANCE has set itself a mission to "identify and motivate poor women in a cost-effective way and deliver them micro finance services in an honest, timely and efficient manner."


A Brief Synopsis

Sonata has strategy to tap unserved area and has well -researched product design and pricing along with a strong focus on financial sustainability driven by the culture of innovation, flexibility and adaptability of Management, operations and technology enables Sonata to provide flexible services and achieve scale in a cost effective manner. In 1st Qtr of this fiscal, Sonata booked total accumulated Profits of   Rs. 1.71 Crores.

The impact of Sonata’s Program on SHGs members is assessed by MiRACle (Microfinance Rating and Assessment for Client Level Impact). We are sharing some excerpts of this report as under:

Household IncomeHousehold Income: The mean monthly income of the sample clients is INR 4,847 and 72% have reported that their income has increased after joining Sonata Program by an average 30%. This chart depicts the increase in income of the clients.

SavingsSavings: The percentage of Sonata’s Clients reporting an increase in household savings increases with the loan cycle that the family is into. 67% clients in the first, 76% in the second and 88% in the third loan cycle reported an increase in the savings at the household savings. 

Socio EconomicSocio-economic Condition: 87% clients perceive their socio-economic condition to be better. Nearly 17% clients perceive a remarkable improvement in the same. Also, only 4% clients reported that the socio-economic condition of the family has worsened from the time they began availing services.
Download the complete MiRACLe Report Miracle Report