Know Us

SONATA FINANCE has set itself a mission to "identify and motivate poor women in a cost-effective way and deliver them micro finance services in an honest, timely and efficient manner."


SONATA has adopted an individual as well as a group lending approach and few other best practices with some minor adjustments to suit local conditions. SONATA lends money to individuals or groups of 10 to 20 women members and designates them as the ultimate guarantor of each of its members. If one member does not repay the loan, no individual in the group is eligible to receive another loan. The operating philosophy of SONATA is to solely focus on providing financial services.

Key Factors of Our Approach

  • Social Collateral: The poorest do not have physical assets that can be used as security or collateral. Instead, borrowers are organized into groups and take collective responsibility for the repayment of the loan of each member of the group.
  • Cash less Operation: SONATA disburses the loans through bearer cheques, and most of the collection is deposited in SONATA's bank accounts in the Commercial Banks or at the Branch offices of SONATA. This reduces risk while very little cash is floating around.
  • Customized Products: SONATA has designed loans with small repayments that correspond to wage structures, consumption and income generating activities to prevent emergency distress sales. The first loan granted is always relatively small and is used to inculcate credit discipline and collective responsibility.
  • Focus on Women: SONATA works exclusively with women because they are the most marginalized among the poor and because they tend to invest the majority of their income into the household and for their children.

The vision of SONATA is to help building a society that contains an opportunity to develop the minimal socio-economic conditions needed to live a life of dignity.